Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mission Accomplished!! Alhamdulillah

Really proud of them!!These children of Action Song Team indeed had proved that they were capable enough to bring this challenge. So kids,after all of your hard work,you deserve to enjoy the moment,the trophy is yours..first runner up!

All the hard work finally paid off. It was a pleasure to me when the cheers of SKLB people filled the hall once our school had been announced for the second place in this competition. I was so relieved, the ton of bricks had been removed from my shoulders.

Million thanks to the teachers of SKLB, who had given their full support and effort especially in preparing the props/costumes and contributing such great ideas. Without you,I'm nothing. May the Blessings of Allah be multiplied a thousand times for your kindness.

Great thanks to Allah for this success. It is only HIM who decides every single thing,indeed He knows the best.
p/s:pic-credit to ust. mohammad

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