Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Diana =)

O Allah, in every path I take, please guide my steps everyday.

I Thank You Allah with every breath I take.
and a reminder to be pondered:
"Every soul shall have taste of death;in the end, to Us shall you be brought back."(Al-Ankabut 29:57)

So, live long enough Diana preparing yourself to face the reality which is death.Life is a test and indeed it is difficult, partly because of the real difficulties that one must overcome in order to survive, and partly because of our own innate desire to always do better, to overcome new challenges, to self-actualize.Happiness is experienced largely in striving towards a goal, not in having attained things, because our nature is always to want to go on to the next endeavor.

Believe in yourself..may Allah gives you the best in your life =)

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